Ranging from information technology governance, to company software modernization strategies or increase in productivity, Morphis personalised counselling and products are undoubtedly the best solution for your problems when incorporating new applications and fast answering business needs.


Analyze your applications and generate reports to inform your decisions.

Make the right diagnosis about the complexity of your applications.

Create dashboards with the most important analytic KPI’s.

Make solid decisions when choosing the next step (modernize or rewrite).

kuscos logo Visualize software

Morphis Kuscos is built on a powerful, easy-to-use reporting platform, that shows the most relevant quality Key Performance Indicators and software metrics such as complexity, lines of code and clones.

certificator logo Code quality made easy

Certificator is a product which functions as a support for quality assurance targeting immediate code quality control.


Software modernization and optimization

By re-factoring or migrating your code you are making sure that it is optimized.

By migrating your software you can modernize it, choosing the most up-to-date technologies as targets.

transformer logo Transform to evolve

Transformer extracts original code models which can be converted, migrated or transformed into new languages or new models.