Morphis Foundations is a powerful application development framework for database-driven applications in Java and .NET. The Foundations SOA-based frameworks enable developers to focus on writing business logic, rather than infrastructural or environmental code, making it a highly productive addition to the development environment.

Wide array of functionalities that help the generation of a standardized code structure

The application’s code structure is simple, standardized and compliant with international best practices.

A wide array of functionality is available to developers to use as a guide for the framework code generation.


  • MVVM-based architecture for the complete separation of business logic from the presentation tier:
    • Model: data access, manipulation and caching
    • Views: data visualization at the client level;
    • View Models: XML definitions of screens at the server level
    • Controllers: containing logic specific to business objects
  • No code-behind at the presentation tier
  • Support for synchronous or asynchronous messaging
  • Database independent development (using JDBC or ADO.NET)
  • Application workspace enabling an easier, more integrated and more user-friendly approach for application delivery.

Highly-productive tools

The tools enable automatic generation of new application components (e.g. business objects, alerts, etc.) through intuitive wizards.

IDE integration with Eclipse and VisualStudio currently available.

IDE Integration

Easy and agile form development for Eclipse and Visual Studio environments.

Development tool which facilitates integration with Foundations.


Foundations applications key performance indicators (KPIs).

Reporting platform that shows indicators such as memory footprint and processing time.

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