Morphis Frames is a software tool for building technology agnostic applications. The GUI is implemented using a technology that provides support for different platforms meaning that programmers need to know only a single programming language.

Development Platform and Architecture

  • consists of a graphical, agile, easy-to-use presentation technology platform
  • the interface specification language is XML-based and uses a series of associated API’s
  • Run-time Render Engine: on-demand presentation rendering
  • Compile-Time Render Engine: pre-generated/pre-compiled presentation rendering

Independence from target technology

  • the interface specification language is XML-based and uses a series of associated API’s
  • presentation definitions are separated from business logic
  • client-side validations are automated by a framework which runs equivalently in all devices
  • presentation definitions are implemented using Morphis Frames and either rendered or pre-generated in the target technology (ex: Adobe Flex, HTML5, WPF). This is managed using only XML editors which are responsive to the corresponding schemas.


Libraries and Tools

Provides the developer tools, documentation and API libraries necessary to build, test and debug applications for Frames.

IDE Integration

Highly-productive tools for Eclipse and Visual Studio environments.

Powerful and easy-to-use bi-directional GUI designer which makes it very easy to create applications without the time consuming process of writing code.

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