Morphis Tech for the Enterprise

In a recent Vanson Bourne survey of businesses with more than 1,000 staff, 90% of IT decision makers claimed that legacy systems are preventing them from harnessing the digital technologies they need to grow and become more efficient.

The market is exploding with new technology, and no organization can compete with outdated software. Morphis Tech offers the most complete solutions for transforming legacy software to the cloud, unleashing agility and innovation for every customer, partner, supplier, regulator and employee connected to every enterprise.

The burden of managing infrastructure in today’s environment can cause fatal flaws in critical business processes ranging from IT security and regulatory compliance to best-practice customer service. Morphis Tech works with enterprise clients to reduce these risks by untangling the spiderweb of code and applications, often built up over decades, using the following processes:


Morphis Tech enables the enterprise to “unravel the spaghetti,” and to develop and document a true understanding of your legacy code:

  • Identify redundant and duplicate code/modules
  • Diagnose code complexity by pinpointing interdependence between modules
  • Identify complex code patterns for re-architecture


The enterprise has three options to solve the problem of outdated systems:

  • Buy a package solution as an alternative to the legacy system (expensive, and with low competitive advantage)
  • Rewrite the legacy system, essentially a clumsy manual process with high risk for error and time/cost overruns
  • Modernize: the lowest cost/risk strategy
Cost Risk Time-to-Value Competitive Advantage
Package 10x Medium Med/Low Low
Rewrite 5x High High Medium
Modernize 1x Low Med/Low High

Morphis Tech is the only modernization solution that completely remediates legacy systems. Our proprietary toolsets and intermediary environment, called ASIA, allows for multiple language input and Java or .NET output.

This single process transformation of many languages into Java or .NET brings economies of scale to every modernization project, enables enhanced toolset development for the benefit of all enterprises, and ensures that the business knowledge and intellectual property embedded in the legacy system are protected and maintained.


Having cloud-enabled the legacy system (re-architecting into a multi-tier system), Morphis Tech provides the enterprise with a rapid application development framework to enable maintenance and further development of the system.

This powerful “low-code” approach for Java and .NET applications accommodates developers’ ability to write business logic rather than working at code level, such as in WYSIWYG form builder tools.

This is particularly useful for enterprises supporting many variants of the same core applications such as multiple languages, multiple currencies, different location requirements and other system demands. These variants can be treated as extensions leaving the base source code unchanged, all from within a single environment using the same development framework.

Morphis Tech tools are compliant with the components of different cloud service providers such as AWS and Azure.


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