Morphis Tech for the Independent Software Vendor

If you need to modernize your software application, for example, from Oracle Forms to Java or .NET, we can help. If extensibility or accessibility are important in your new environment, we’re the only ones who can help!

Doing nothing threatens your market position and ability to gain new customers. And the status quo won’t cut it anymore when customers start to wonder why they’re paying licensing and maintenance fees for outdated applications.

Legacy-to-cloud modernization provides your customers with the solutions they demand for availability on any device, as well as from an aesthetic user-interface standpoint. Cloud enablement also offers the ISV significant benefits in terms of simplifying the technology stack (removal of middleware) and reducing associated software license fees.


With Morphis Tech, ISVs can get a better grasp of their legacy systems:

  • Identify redundant and duplicate code/modules
  • Diagnose code complexity by pinpointing interdependence between modules
  • Identify complex code patterns for re-architecture

With on-premise software programs, the software vendor can also identify customizations made by their customers and can then modernize those customizations as well as the base code


Software vendors have two main options to solve the problem of outdated systems:

  • Rewrite the legacy system, essentially a clumsy manual process with high risk for error and time/cost overruns
  • Modernize: the lowest cost/risk strategy with the fastest time-to-market
Cost Risk Time-to-Value Competitive Advantage
Rewrite 5x High High Medium
Modernize 1x Low Med/Low High

Morphis Tech is the only modernization solution that completely remediates legacy systems. Our proprietary toolsets and intermediary environment, called ASIA, allows for multiple language input and Java or .NET output.

This single process transformation of many languages into Java or .NET brings economies of scale to every modernization project, enables enhanced toolset development for the benefit of all customers, and ensures that the business knowledge and intellectual property embedded in the legacy system are protected and maintained.


From language and currency to state and country regulatory requirements, the ISV faces challenges in supporting the many variants of the application required by their customers. Customizations can extend well beyond the simple “presentation layer” modifications supported by pure SaaS solutions.

The Morphis Tech application development framework (Frames and Foundations) enables complex customizations to be handled by extensions rather than changes in the base code. This extensibility feature can be provided to customers of the ISV to enable them to enhance and maintain the application themselves.

Morphis Tech can also generate code that is readable by screen readers making accessibility another key differentiator of the Morphis Tech solution.


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