Morphis Tech for the System Integrator

Most businesses cannot simply bulldoze away their legacy IT systems.
The System Integrator’s role is to help each client make the right decisions. Morphis Tech helps you remain deeply connected with today’s expanding major corporations, especially large financial services and retail businesses whose legacy systems have become a burden and often too complex to manage. More innovation and agility for clients who are pressured to introduce new digital technologies means more revenue generation for System Integrators.

Morphis Tech strategy is to “license the factory” — our technology, processes and know-how — to SIs so they themselves can build high-margin legacy to cloud factories to serve their clients and help them drive innovation. With the full breadth of Morphis Tech capabilities, SIs will have a winning advantage in targeting major clients where they are not incumbent and can add significant value.


In partnership with Morphis Tech, the SI can generate new revenue streams and get a big jump on the competition well before a modernization project begins:

  • First, document your client’s legacy system
  • Then, you can immediately reduce their IT cost by eliminating redundant/duplicate code


This is where the benefits of the Morphis Tech intermediary environment, ASIA, truly come into play by building one factory that solves for multiple input languages and modernization to Java or .NET. This has the benefits of reduced trainings costs to the SI, faster ramp-up of capabilities, and the economies of scale with one set of tools and processes covering multiple situations.


Most SIs have practices for application modernization and application development. The Morphis Tech Develop capability provides further value to the SI and extends the range of services they can offer within the licensed factory.


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