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Do you know where your company's 20% of gold is?

Companies must have convictions, as it is around them that they shape their entire way of operating. Morphis Tech, for instance, is a staunch advocate of the Pareto Principle – a principle which states that 20 percent of our actions yield 80 percent of our results. It is a simple and straightforward principle that has been thoroughly tested. However, it is necessary to identify those 20 percent and find ways to enhance their output even further. This is where we make a difference; through our search for and empowerment of the IT universe.

Luís Andrade

Founder & CEO

"A company without a history is not a company, and ours goes back to 1995."

Morphis Tech was established in 2015 with a mission to provide the best tools for modernizing legacy systems. The company was founded by a group of college graduates led by their CEO, Luis Andrade. Over the years, their team diligently developed and tested their tools until they achieved their goal. Soon, Morphis Tech caught the attention of prominent IT players such as Microsoft, IBM and Fujitsu, and major clients including banks, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and governments. The high quality of their products and the pressing demand for legacy system modernization enabled Morphis Tech to gain extensive traction, leading to the establishment of offices in key areas such as the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States, and Brazil. As of today, Morphis Tech is committed to introducing cloud technology to clients worldwide, providing them with efficient solutions that save time, money, and resources.

2021 Winner of the Award:

Export & Internationalization awards from Novo Banco and Jornal de Negócios Watch video

In 2017 “PME Líder ’17award is just another affirmation of Morphis Tech’s impressive journey towards success. Our unwavering commitment to the national economy and our top-tier partnerships and clients have paved the way for our numerous achievements and recognitions. Boasting about our accomplishments is not something we typically do, but we aren’t afraid to acknowledge our role in the industry. In fact, we were recognized as the top-performing IT SME in exports and added value in the country in 2016. With our net turnover volume and profitability, we placed second and third. With a forward-thinking mindset and a strong determination to progress, Morphis Tech’s continuous growth is inevitable.

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We appreciate your interest in Morphis Tech

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We appreciate your interest in Morphis Tech

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