Morphis Helps Modernize Leading Oil & Gas Financial Management Solution

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We’re delighted to share the announcement by P2 Energy Solutions of the modernization, but not re-invention, of Qbyte FM the oil and gas industry’s leading financial management solution. (Oracle forms modernized to .NET)

Qbyte FM 2.0, originally built in Oracle Forms, was modernized using Morphis’ proprietary platform to a .NET environment and the product now sports a modern UI with full browser functionality. The snazzy new UI can be seen here.

With the backend remaining unchanged, the entire Qbyte FM UI (including business logic embedded in Oracle Forms) was modernized to a .NET target environment with:

  • an HTML5/JS presentation layer
  • Metronic Admin theme styles
  • a SASS CSS Processor
  • using a SOAP C# Services tier
  • the current Oracle DBMS
  • and deployed via Azure PaaS, VM and Physical Server

The Morphis modernization process offers a fully functional 1:1 transformation of applications while, at the same time, facilitating client customizations to be built into the automation process such as:

  • Responsive layout. Specific positional to non-positional rules were defined and incorporated into the transformation tool to enable support of multiple devices and screen sizes.
  • Integration with other applications and/or services such as:
    • single sign-on
    • leading edge search functionality
    • Google Analytics API for Single Page Applications

In the case of Qbyte FM, the 2.0 release preserved the functionality that made the product market leader and included the following improvements (in addition to the improved UI and usability):  

  • Leading edge search functionality
  • Ability to instantly access related reports and export to Excel
  • Improved naming for consistency and standard business language
  • Scalable and full-screen browser windows
  • Support for multiple monitors

Michael Danielewicz, Senior Vice President, Canada for P2 Energy Solutions said, “Functionality is crucial, but usability matters too. With this update we’ve invested in a better experience for our customer’s end users. While the interface has been completely revitalized, the rich functionality of Qbyte FM remains untouched. We’ve also made sure to keep the data model and back-end processes the same. We did this to protect our customers’ IT investments and make upgrading pain free.”

Here at Morphis we’re delighted to see our clients delight their customers with modernized products. The look and feel of Qbyte FM 2.0 is outstanding and likely to ensure the product’s market leading position for many years to come. 

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For further information on our Oracle Forms solution, please visit our page on Oracle Forms Migration.

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