Morphis Transformer takes a software application and extracts the original code structure and semantics and generates models which can be: simply cleaned up (removal of redundant code etc); or migrated into a new language; or modernized into a multi-tier architecture. Transformer uses a proprietary intermediary language called ASIA which enables the same tools and processes to be used on any input programming language.

Extend your application’s lifetime and increase customer satisfaction through modernization

Morphis Transformer provides the most efficient methodology for modernizing a legacy system [using a client-server architecture, mainframe or other] to a modern multi-tier system - a multi-tier architecture that includes well-defined Presentation, Communication, Business Logic and Integration tiers. The original database can either be kept in place or swapped for a new technology. The process is fully customizable, ensuring that new requirements can be easily incorporated. Such customizations can include:

  • PL/SQL extraction to the database
  • redundant code removal
  • style normalization
  • workspace navigation

Reports can be migrated into:

  • Jasper, if the source technology is Java Reports

  • SSRS, if the source technology is .NET

Remediation - automatically fix what is wrong

The remediation process uses Morphis Transformer with a configuration that allows:

  • massive transformation of code patterns

  • establishing and validating architectural rules and the interconnections between components

  • enforcement of safety/validation patterns

Remediation can also be used to reinforce the QA levels defined in Certificator.

Morphis Transformer (Oracle to Java configuration)

The product works at the architectural level: Oracle Forms structural concepts are transformed into Java concepts; PL/SQL code is transformed into high quality, pure Java code that follows industry-accepted best-practices.

The solution offers a number of modernization options, enabling the business to decide the best approach for modernizing their applications. Additionally, it makes use of Morphis’ state-of-the-art SOA-based application Java development Framework (Morphis Foundations): a collection of libraries and classes that simplify development tasks by centralizing a wide range of database-related functionality (e.g. data navigation, search mode, transactions).

The result is a modern, multi-tier, web-based application that can be implemented in many presentation tier languages.

Why work with Morphis on your modernization project?

  • time, effort and cost saving when compared to full rewrite
  • business risk minimization
  • redundant code removal
  • style normalization
  • up to 100% conversion rate
  • choice of presentation layer target
  • fully customizable processes

Proven solution for different languages

Morphis Transformer has been successfully used in the migration of a wide range of languages, as shown in the table below. If you do not see the combination you require in terms of legacy language and target technology environment then please Contact Us.

Target technologies
User Interface Foundations
Mobile (1) HTML5 WPF Flex .NET Java
COBOL (several dialects)

(1) Mobile conversion is based on HTML5. Note that an original forms extension specific for mobile technology is required.

Transformer Inspector

Assess your Oracle code

Project sizing and estimations can be obtained through the use of Morphis Transformer Inspector, a freely available tool for estimating the complexity and effort for migrating your Oracle Forms application.


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